3rd Hafenhinterland Conference in Dessau-Roßlau

Transport Minister Webel: “Clever logistics is a crucial condition for the success of a site in the competition of regions. This is why Saxony-Anhalt is in an excellent position for its function as a multi-modal logistics hub.”

Dessau-Roßlau. “Saxony-Anhalt is a port hinterland and also a logistics site. On this basis – and looking at the new Silk Road, with this year’s Hafenhinterland Conference, we want to present our state regionally and also beyond our borders as a forward-thinking state under the motto “Saxony-Anhalt: multi-modal logistics hub”. This also early before Hamburg hosts the 2021 ITS World Congress, where it is all about the presentation and demonstration of the latest German technologies in traffic and transport”, said Transport Minister Thomas Webel today at the opening of the 3rd Hafenhinterland Conference in Dessau-Roßlau.

This year, the conference, in which 126 logistics experts from six European countries (and twelve German states) participate today and tomorrow, is devoted to the multi-modality of transport. In the specialist forum hosted by the Ministry of Regional Development and Transport of the state of Saxony-Anhalt together with the Logistics.Initiative of the state, they discuss future solutions for the port hinterland traffic in central Germany. As central-German logistics hub and “gateway to the East”, Saxony-Anhalt wants to prepare for future traffic challenges which arise in the hinterland of the German seaports and take stock of the situation in regular constructive dialogue between experts from business, research and politics. Current trends and their effects on the logistics economy are the focus.

The future of traffic in Europe is determined by the need to drastically reduce the environmental effects, at the same time to use the opportunities presented by the digital revolution and to assert a strong position among global competition. The key for this future is multi-modal traffic. For this reason, the EU Commission had proclaimed the year 2018 the year of multi-modality, said the Minister: “The transfer of freight from the roads onto rail and water routes has been a declared political intention for a long time, on a federal as well as a state level. This transfer would result in decarbonisation; this means that there would be a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Solutions for this can be found in the efficient design of transport as well as in the use of alternative drive systems. Completely essential here are improved framework conditions for the alternatives in rail freight transport as well as in shipping. The increasing digitisation in the sector has become one of the most important competition factors. However, the logistics sector will only benefit if all companies are organisationally and strategically equipped for it.”

On the conference programme, there are specialist speeches on current framework conditions of shipping, rail and road modes of transport with a focus on decarbonisation and digitisation, as well as corresponding solutions, experiences and successes of selected reference projects. In the following podium discussions, the participants will have the opportunity to offer questions, problems and suggestions interactively in discussion panels or to present possible solutions.

During an evening reception hosted by the city of Dessau-Roßlau, the first Mobility and Logistics transfer award will be presented. The German Association of Transport Sciences in Central Germany (DVWG) wants to use this initiative to further interlock science and business in the area of mobility and logistics. The prize under the patronage of the Minister of Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt and in cooperation with the Investment and Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt as well as the Magdeburg and Halle-Dessau Chambers of Industry and Commerce is directed at students from the whole of Germany who accept selected tasks from central-German companies in the framework of a project, bachelor, masters or diploma dissertation.

Then on Friday, there are convention tours on the programme. Here, the conference participants have the opportunity to experience success stories of central-German logistics face to face. Leipzig/Halle Airport, the Halle (Saale) train formation plant inaugurated in June and the Europe-wide exemplary logistics at the chemical plant of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, which celebrated its 125th birthday this year, are the destinations of the tours.

During the conference, an accompanying exhibition shows possible solutions to the challenges of multi-modal traffic. Deutsche Post, for example, presents clever e-mobility for everyday use with its e-scooter. The Elbe/Oder Union of Chambers place their focus on the needs and solutions of their Polish partners. The host city, Dessau-Roßlau, shows the potential of the business and logistics site while the Transport Ministry presents the Interreg project “ChemMultimodal” where representatives from politics, the chemistry industry and research from seven European countries work together – with the common goal of transferring chemical goods from the roads onto intermodal transportation.

We are happy to remind you once more about the press breakfast on Friday 7 September 2018 at 9 am

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Your discussion partners will be:

  • Thomas Webel, Minister of Regional Development and Transport of the state of Saxony-Anhalt
  • Harry Evers, Managing Director of ITS Hamburg 2021
  • Dr Alexander Vogt, EU logistics expert, Brussels
  • Michael Koch, Chairperson of the Saxony-Anhalt logistics advisory committee

We ask you to register via email to flenker-manthey@img-sachsen-anhalt.de.

Directly after that, the convention tours take place from 10 am.
You can find more information on the programme and registration at www.logistik-sachsen-anhalt.de/Hafenhinterland-Konferenz

To take part in other programme points of the conference for free, you must register online even if you are a media representative https://www.logistik-sachsen-anhalt.de/HaHiLa-Konferenzanmeldung2018

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